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A period of approved absence for military duty during which full state pay and benefits continue. Includes paid time granted by statute and time during which an employee has elected to apply his or her accrued leave as permitted by policy.


A period of approved absence during which employees’ regular pay is discontinued by the state while they are engaged in active military duty or state- or federally-funded military training duty. (Also LWOP-military).

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The United State Leave Department was founded in 1890 when some set soldiers was exposed to adverse gas on the war field. The protocol took a long process before the leave was granted. Some of the lost their lives before they got back to United State Hospital. Ever since then a department of leave was set up by the United State of America Government to monitor the processing of leave reequest.



Capitan Bumra

Chief of Staff of the Army

Mark Miley

united states army general

Honorable Christine Wormuth

Secretary of the U.S. Army

Michael A. Grinston

Sergeant Major of the Army

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Your performance transported me to my personal tragedy in which my son-in-law, Alex Guzman-Lopez, tragically died in Darwin Falls, Australia nearly 10 years ago. Words cannot express the experience as a mother receiving that dreadful call from my first born daughter screaming and crying at the other end stating ‘Alex is dead’. Until this day, my daughter recalls the pain she experienced when she encountered a Gunnery Sergeant, Pastor and Marine who knocked at her door and confirmed her name and then stated “We regret to inform you………” when she thought the knock was Alex returning home early from his deployment.


So I officially retired at age 54 on disability with a wonerful wife, who has supported me throughout this trip, and 3 wonerful kids. A bright spot to this story is that early retirement and the progression of the internet in the last 20 years opened a new door. As you are probably aware most of us Vietnam vets just wanted to get "back to the world" and get on with our lives and due to the rotation of replacements one or two guys at a time would come in and one or two would leave, most of the guys never stayed connected once they got home.


Shahadat Hossain

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